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Help: Opening Email Attachments
The patent images are delivered to you as a single binary CPC email attachment. In order to open the attachment, you will need to have a CPC viewer installed on your computer. If you do not yet have one, you can get the free CPC Lite viewer from Cartesian Products. (Macintosh and Unix users, should install the free CoPyCat viewer.)

The specific method for opening an email attachment is dependent on the email software you are using. With most recent email programs, the attachment will appear as an icon in the message window. Typically, to open the attachment, you simply double-click on the attachment.

Older email programs may not make the procedure so simple. Extremely old email programs may not even support attachments. If you are having problems opening the attachment, consult the documentation for your email software. Hopefully, there will be a section on opening attachments.

If you can not get your email software to open the attachment, you have a couple of options:

  • View the patents online. Just enter a patent number into the Quick Fetch box to the left, and the patent will be displayed directly in your web browser.
  • Get a newer email client. Both Microsoft and Netscape, among others, provide free email software that can open attachments.