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Help: Published US Patent Applications
The database contains bibliographic information, full text, and document images for all published US patent applications. US patent applications are published 18 months after they are filed. The earliest applications to be published were filed in September of 1999 and were published in March of 2001. Patent applications filed prior to September of 1999 are not available.

Searching the application database
To search the US published application database, just click the US Applications link in the upper-right corner of the by Text, by Field, or by Query search tools.

(To return to the US patent database, click the US Patents link in the upper-right corner of the search tool pages.)

Retrieval by application number
You can also access applications by number using the "Quick Fetch" and by Number search tools. Published US application numbers consist of a 4 digit year followed by a 7 digit number, e.g., 20010001234.

You can alternatively separate the number from the year with a slash and omit the leading zeroes in the number, e.g., 2001/1234.

As an example, try the following link:

Search for 2001/1234